New Products Notice on NCHF series Charger
Valued customers,

Many thanks for your long-term trust and support to EverExceed!

To meet with the diversified marketing needs, EverExceed R&D department has newly developed the NCHF Series Charger.

The NCHF Charger is a fully high-frequency switched battery charger. The input is electronically power factor corrected by the first power stage. The next stage gives provision for galvanic isolation and a perfect DC voltage at the output terminals. The internal electronic parts are protected against moisture and dirt by means of a special coating, which assures a long lifetime of your battery charger. Many high-capacity batteries can be charged simultaneously with this charger.

Supply worldwide reliable power solutions with continuous innovative technologies, which is always EverExceed's pursuing mission. We will continue to produce high-quality products with advanced technologies. Thanks for your long-time support again!

EverExceed Corporation
    July 31th,2015
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