Transport Industry
As the advocate and facilitator of the rail transit power protection and energy saving solutions, EverExceed take the power security, energy conservation and emissions reduction as its own duty and committed to maximize customer's benefit The widely used overall solutions for the high-end power, date centre, new energy industry, which developed independently by Everexceed, could guarantee customers a highly reliable supply of safe operation of equipment system and energy efficiency, to enhance business innovation customers and development needs.


TaiWan Railway Project
EverExceed Corporation started to make preparation for the Taiwan railway nickel cadmium battery project in December, 2014. About 4760pcs SPL series pocket nickel-cadmium batteries will be installed in this project. All the nickel cadmium batteries have passed the test before factory and have good performance. Right now the battery installation was not finished yet. The estimated complete date will be at the end of this year.

Project features:
•   Reasonable structure eliminates micro short circuit, short circuit during the battery operation and the sudden failure caused by thermal runaway, which keep the operation safe and reliable.
•   Battery structure is firm. And the batteries have small internal resistance more than 20 years design life, excellent performance during the charge and discharge. There is no corrosive gas generated during the operation. They are ideal for the railway locomotive (internal combustion engine car, electric locomotive, air conditioning power, etc.)

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