Public Industry
In order to improve the insecure and unreliable global electrical situation, EverExceed is determined to enhance scientific and technological innovation, providing a full range of power supply solutions for the international public industry, to solve the basic electrical demands for the regions without electricity and improve the living conditions of the local residents.
EverExceed will continue to dig into the research in the public sector and use its own professional ability to undertake the social responsibility of corporate, bring light for people without electricity around the world.


Africa household solar system project for the United Nations Children's Fund
EverExceed Corporation have provided the polycrystalline solar panels for Africa household solar system project since 2006, which organized by the United Nations Children's Fund. Until now, the overall installed capacity is more than 5 mw. All the quality of solar modules is reliable and the performance is excellent. This household solar system project helped to solve the no-electricity problems for nearly 50 African schools and improve the local education environment.

Project features:
•   Make full use of solar energy and clean energy in Africa, clean, safe and no emission
•   High reliability, long service life, easy in operation and maintenance
•   Easy to install and transport with short construction period
•   To match the storage battery composed of independent power supply, continue to supply power.

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