Motive Power Charging System
EverExceed aims at scientific and technological innovation , focus on electric power research for nearly 30 years, to provide users the integral solution for electric vehicle charging system with charging system, power distribution systems, energy storage system, measurement and control system, security system and solar energy products.


Mali battery charger installation project
EverExceed Corporation began to make preparation for Mali battery charger installation project in June, 2015. About 20pcs upgraded UXcel series industrial charger will installed in this project.
EverExceed uXcel series industrial charger is a new type of dedicated battery charger with more powerful, more stable performance and better reliability. The project is still in testing and expected to be installed at the end of this year.

Project characters:
•   The upgraded uXcel series battery charger is equipped with FATO fuse base, Schneider breaker, Bussmann fuse protection equipment to have a better protection for the whole charging system
•   High -quality TECHSEM SCR can ensure to transform AC power to DC power for lead-acid battery.
•   Three-phase intelligent thyristor technology keeps the whole system more reliable and can bear all kinds of load.
•   Multi-function constant voltage and current charging mode and the large LCD display can intelligent control the battery charging status
•   Housing has IP65 grade protection, more durable and reliable

More project case
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Place: Thailand
Time: 2015