Petrochemical Industry
With the rapid development of the petrochemical industry, the continuity of the control system for the production automation equipment is more and more important to ensure the normal operation of production equipment and reduce unnecessary economic loss. EverExceed Corporation provides complete the global end to end network energy integration solutions, to fully meet the requirements of the network energy solutions for all kinds of petrochemical industry business, utility system, rear service system and now is widely used in various fields of petrochemical industry.


UPS installation for Kuwait oil factory Project in 2013
In early 2013, EverExceed Corporation supplied a batch of EverExceed PowerChampion series modular industrial UPS for the Kuwait oil factory. Since installed successfully, the batch of UPSs has provided the high stability and reliability for the production control equipment and the system protection equipment in the oil factory.

Project characters:
•   All-digital, full-featured touch LCD screen can friendly display UPS working principle analog circuit, which is easy to manager, monitor and maintain.
•   Supporting multiple parallel mode; flexible and easy to install
•   With intelligent battery management and optional battery monitoring module, to monitor up to 4 & 160 units.
•   Satisfy the customer's requirement efficiently. The system supply chain is powerful and perfect.

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