Manufacturing Industry
Nowadays, the demand for the power supply continuity and quality is stricter with the improvement of manufacturing technology. Any power quality issues ( such as transient overvoltage, under voltage, waveform distortion, frequency drift, etc.) will produce a lof of defects and once power off by accident, a lot of waste will generated. The production have several procedures which means all of the work before will scrapped and result in big loss once power outrage. Under such market demand condition, EverExceed Corporation develops UPS products and power solutions with isolation transformer for the manufacturing industry, perfectly matching electrical use demand for manufacturing industries and being a trustworthy partner in the global manufacturing industry.


The UPS installation project for Ukraine manufacture center in 2014
EverExceed Corporation successfully installed a batch of EverExceed PowerChampion UPS for Ukraine dairy products manufacturing center in 2014. After commissioning and installation, the UPSs work stably with reliable performance and high flexibility, which helps to save a lot of costs for the customers and win a high praise from the customers.

Project characters:
•   All-digital, full-featured touch LCD screen can display UPS working principle analog circuits and the interface is friendly.
•   Online double transformation design, DSP control to ensure high performance and reliability
•   Strict short-circuit test, 2KVA high voltage insulation testing.
•   Supports multiple parallel mode; 1 + 1 parallel, N + 1 parallel connection, up to eight units in parallel directly
•   Higher efficiency, ECO mode can be up to 98%
•   Output isolation transformer reduces the current harmonics to supply the main power.
•   DSP full digital control and optional 12-pulse rectifier increase the input power factor correction (PFC) to reduce power pollution inhibition.
•   Intelligent battery management and optional battery monitoring module can monitor up to 4 & 160 units.
•   Intelligent monitoring system: RS232, RS485, dry contacts, built-in modem port, available battery test port, an optional SNMP card and battery testing module.
•   Key components adopt sophisticated design of the international famous companies.
•   High reliability of IGBT and SCR driven design to improve the reliability of the system
•   Satisfy the customer's requirement efficiently. The system supply chain is powerful and perfect.

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