Distributed Power Generation System
Under the combined effect of the technology development, public environmental policy and the expansion of power market, the distributed generation system has become the important energy in the new century. As the world's high-quality provider of photovoltaic modules and system solutions and services, EverExceed Corporation has a professional R & D team and sales team to design high quality and cost-effective solutions of distributed generation system for the global customers.


200KW distributed photovoltaic power generation system installed in Bali Island
At the end of 2008, EverExceed Corporation completed the 200KW distributed photovoltaic power plant installation in Bali Island. The photovoltaic system has provided a stable power supply for the Bali region. The use of advanced energy storage system solutions and installation design effectively reduced the costs of electricity for industrial and commercial users

Photovoltaic modules: EverExceed PV module conversion efficiency reached 18.7%; passed the tests of 2400Pa wind load and 5400Pa snow load, as well as ammonia resistance test and the highest level of resistance to salt spray test, have a very high reliability. We have 12 years of photovoltaic products quality assurance, 10 years of no less than 91.2% of the nominal output power and 25 years of no less than 85.7% of the nominal output power.

Energy storage battery: EverExceed storage battery using German automated production equipment, maintenance-free, high-quality, design life up to 15years. Remarkable cycle performance. The cycles can up to 7000 times at 80% depth of discharge cycles. Have passed the certifications of ISO/UL/CE/IEC

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