Building Integrated Photovoltaics(BIPV)
BIPV briefly is to install the solar photovoltaic power generation on the outer surface of the building envelope structure to provide electricity. This PV system does not take up additional floor space and is widely used in the city. Taking the customer's demand as center, EverExceed Corporation manufacturers high quality PV modules and designs highly reliable building-integrated photovoltaic power generation system, which is quite popular with customers.


Indonesia 10KW solar Power System Installation Project
EverExceed Corporation had successfully completed the Indonesia 10 KW balcony photovoltaic system installation project in 2013. In order to meet the special need on the transmission of light and pressure resistance of the wall and balcony, EverExceed Corporation fully integrated the balcony design style, to provide the high quality power solutions, which excellently realized the comprehensive utilization of energy.

Mounting features:
•   Photovoltaic power generation system was combined with buildings as a whole, which makes it more beautiful and generate electricity at the same time.
•   Easy installation: The PV modules ware closely integrated with the building to fit with the balcony's main structure, easy and flexible.
•   High reliability: The PV modules adopted high-quality PVB manufacturing to make the system a longer service life.
•   Environmental-friendly: The solar system took no additional installation space and no need additional support equipment. The whole system was self-sufficient, which reduced the cost and energy consumption during the electricity transmission process, and the investment and maintenance costs.

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