Small-size Date Center
Small data center consists of the systems with power control, environment management and machine room motoring and system, bearing the core business of all the SMEs and the branch offices. Therefore, it is very important. EverExceed will customize the network power solutions for small data centers. The comprehensive product line, rich implementation experience will bring high reliability and stability for the data center to ensure the data centre working properly and the core business not affected even in some abnormal failure conditions and normal maintenance.


Pakistan UPS installation for small data center
EverExceed PowerLead2 series uninterruptible power supply adopts double conversion on-line design and digital control technology. It has high input and output power factor and can automatically adjust the output frequency according to the input frequency. It provided intelligent battery management and intelligent effective management for Pakistan small data center network.

Project characters:
•   Advanced battery management
•   Automatic battery charge on/off mode
•   Perfect protection function.
•   Network / fax / modem surge protection
•   LCD/LED display options
•   EMI/RFI noise filter

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