Site Network Management and Monitoring Solution
Efficiently supports visual operations and maintenance; implements IT application and automation; minimizes site visits; makes energy conservation and emission reduction manageable, controllable, and evaluable; and provides supportive data for PUE analysis and optimization.

Customer Value

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Saving & Efficient
•   Site data acquisition unit-omitted SCADA
•   No transmission resource needed In-band networking
•   Complete B/S, SW-omitted on clients
•   Mobile APP makes O&M anywhere and anytime
•   Almost 'Plug-and-Play'

Smart & Proactive
•   4-level self-diagnosis
•   Auto detection of state of health
•   Smart fault locating, troubleshooting expert advice
•   Prevention and prediction

Operational & Optimizable
3-level energy efficiency mgmt: component-system-overall network; hierarchical threshold mgmt. for KPIs, expert advice for abnormal KPI, Trouble-shooting experience base.
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