Photovoltaic Pumping System
Photovoltaic pumping system is the equipment of using the lasting energy form the sun to drive the water potential energy conversion to new energy power. The main applications are photovoltaic agricultural irrigation, desert control PV irrigation, solar subsurface irrigation grassland animal husbandry and water supply, ect. EverExceed Corporation adopt advanced production equipment to provide customers with high reliability, low maintenance costs of photovoltaic pumping systems to solve the user's problem about water resources


2014 African photovoltaic pumping system installation project
At the end of 2014, EverExceed Corporation installed 10 sets of solar pumping system for African customers to replace water storage and direct drive water pumping. It have reduced the construction and maintenance costs of the system but also solved the problem of the water using and irrigation for the African residents.

Project characters:
•   The whole system does not need battery to energy storage. It directly drives water pumping in place of electricity. Reliability is high and it reduces the construction and maintenance costs of the system
•   Using self-developed patented technology control mode with fully automatic operation, good stability and high reliability. The inverter conversion efficiency is up to 98%.
•   With lightning protection, overload, overvoltage and overheating, locked-rotor, short circuit protection function, and IP grade reaches IP65
•   LCD screen display, easy to operate

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