Medium-sized Data Center
Medium-sized data center is relatively smaller than the big data center, but the reliability requirement of the basic equipment is also extremely high. Comparing with the large number of redundant configuration used in the large- scale data center, the small and medium-sized data center are more dependent on the reliability of the devices themselves. EverExceed Corporation adopts innovative modular technology to design network energy solutions from the power supply and distribution, cooling, monitoring and management for the medium-sized data center.
The comprehensive product lines and rich experience in the implementation brings high reliability, flexibility, maintainability and high energy saving to meet customers demands.


Columbia EPM Project
EverExceed PXM Plus modular UPS is a new generation of uninterruptible power supply equipment, with intelligent modular design and advanced IDC power solutions and intelligent management technology. It is specifically designed for data centers or other important application load mission-critical protection requirement. Thus the EPM Columbia project can run smoothly with the excellent performance and reliable quality.

Project characters:
•   DSP control, high stability, reliability and security
•   Optimized battery management, intelligent controlling the process of charging and discharging, effectively improving the battery life
•   Integrated IGBT power modules with more powerful function and smaller size
•   99% input power factor, wide input voltage range and good compatibility
•   Automatic recording failure information to facilitate troubleshooting
•   Monitoring critical components , such as fans and capacitors. Services can be set time limit and alarm for the operation time.

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