Large Ground Station System
Reliable green clean energy
Solar energy is endless and inexhaustible. As the demand for global energy is increasing sharply, there is a large fluctuation on energy price and a large pressure in environment. Photovoltaic solar power, as a reliable green clean energy, can be a supplement of traditional energy but also effectively reduce environmental pollution.

High quality but low cost solution
EverExceed is determined in technological innovation, design, development and production of high-quality, low-cost solar power solutions to meet the global demand for clean energy in different areas.
- High efficiency of polycrystalline battery with high light transmittance of toughened glass make component conversion efficiency reached 18.7%, which reduces the installation cost of photovoltaic systems and also increases the system capacity of per unit area.
- Module power positive tolerance is from 0 to +5 watts to ensure that the power customers received is higher than the nominal power, reducing the power loss because of the power mismatching and improving the system output to benefits the customer.
- The third party test prove EverExceed components:
•   Keep highly consistent with the certification and testing standards
•   Passed the 2400 pa wind load and 5400 pa snow load test , so as to ensure the stable mechanical service life of components.
•   Passed the ammonia resistance test and the highest level of resistance to salt fog test which ensure that components can work normally under the bad environment
- Production equipment have passed the ISO 9001:9001, ISO 14001:2004 certification.
Quality Guarantee
- Ten years of product warranty.
- Limited power quality assurance: 10 years with no less than 91.2% of the nominal output power, 25 years with no less than 85.7% of the nominal output power.
Qualification and Certification
ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004/TUV/VDE/CE/IEC61215/IEC61730

Project case
EverExceed's ground photovoltaic power station project have entered the international market and have quite a lot installation cases. More details please contact: