Large-size Data Center
Based on the application requirement of the emerging information technology, EverExceed Corporation adopts innovative modular technology to design network energy solutions from the power supply and distribution, cooling, monitoring and management for the medium-sized data center.
The comprehensive product lines and rich experience in the implementation brings high reliability, flexibility, maintainability and high energy saving to meet customers demands.


EverExceed Singapore installation project
EverExceed PXM series modular UPS adopts advanced IGBT technology and DSP control to achieve the high input power factor, low THDI and high system efficiency. It is the best choice for the computer system and key equipment in Singapore large data center.

Project characters:
•   Higher availability solutions, reduce human error and the average recovery time
•   Better flexibility, the use of standardized module, which can realize rapid configuration, design and installation of solution
•   Modular components can effectively reduce the total cost of ownership and achieve " purchase on-demand, gradual extension" step-by-step investment model
•   Design and optimize the key power solutions for the data center to meet the increasing power and cooling requirements
•   The strong and professional global service system can provide the value-added services throughout the life cycle

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