Electricity Industry
The rapid developing of the global power system means higher reliability and security of the production equipment, control equipment and protection system needed.
EverExceed Corporation arises at the historic moment and provide complete end to end global network of energy integration solutions. Which fully meet the requirements of the network energy solutions for all kinds of power plants, substations and information centers.


Indonesia UPS Backup Battery Installation Project in 2011
At the end of 2011, EverExceed Corporation had successfully installed 200pcs 48 v 300 ah EverExceed Modular Max series lead-acid batteries for the UPS backup stystem in Sumatra, Indonesia. After finished the installation, these batteries showed the stable charging and discharging performance with free maintenance, which helps to save a lot of maintenance costs for the customers and provide a powerful back-up power guarantee for the entire UPS operation system.

Project features:
•   Batteries adopts high quality no coating technology to ensure the consistency of the plate
•   Have quality battery rack to fix battery. Battery can be placed vertically or horizontally, which makes the installation much simpler.
•   Maintenance-free high-capacity batteries reduced maintenance costs and were convenient to operate.
•   The batteries showed reliable performance to keep the battery charge and discharge performance in consistence for the whole power system, so as to ensure the reliability of the whole system.

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