The MSI Series Inverter&Charger

The MSI series is a modified sine wave output inverter/charger used for long-time power outage. The inverter/charger is connected to batteries and the main electrical source at the same time. When there is an electrical power supply, the system is designed to charge the batteries to store power and when there is a power outage the inverter draws DC current from the battery and converts it to AC to power the loads. It’s perfect to used in your home or office to power devices such as laptops, video games consoles, a small television or DVD player. It also comes in handy in emergencies when there is a power outage. It’s very helpful source of energy on camping trips, beaches and parks where conventional electricity is not available.

•   LCD Display details
•   Full automatic and silent operation
•   Rack Tower design
•   Automatically charging
•   Built-in with 10Amp battery charger, which can configuration big capacity battery
•   Auto change AC-DC
•   Over-load protection
•   Automatically restart
•   Three-steps intelligent charging control to recharging time
•   LCD display, audible and visual alarm