The Freedom Series Inverter&Charger

The new generation Freedom series represents highly sophisticated and advanced inverter/ charger available ,which configuration with big charger models. The Freedom series include many of great features found in its high power counterpart. A key feature enhancement is “Generator Support Mode” which enables the Freedom to supplement a generator when AC loads exceed the generator’s capacity. The new generation models also feature improved AC transfer/AC input detection time, providing the ability to transfer AC loads to batteries in less than 10 milliseconds when the incoming grid or generator power is lost. Connected loads are almost unable to feel the power transition due to this quick transfer time.

•   Pure sine wave output to operate sensitive electronics
•   Advanced configuration options for customized applications
•   Built-in transfer switch automatically transfers between inverter power and incoming AC power
•   Power factor corrected multi-stage charger for fast, efficient charging
•   Temperature compensated charging for most climate conditions
•   Conformal coated circuit boards for humid environments
•   The charging current can up to 85Amp
•   Well accept generator’s connection
•   Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
•   Remote control function

Application Configuration Diagram: