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EverExceed in Philippine

TAUREX EXPONENT is an authorized agent of EverExceed in Philippines for solar power products, inverter, controller, charger, inverter charger, battery, UPS power products, etc.Taurex Exponent was established in 1998, focusing on electrical power industry 16 years and providing electrical design and installation services to the electrical power.

TAUREX EXPONENT registered office and operations base are located in Central Philippines namely Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu Province, Philippines.

Authorized Agent:
TAUREX EXPONENT is An Authorized agent for lightning Protection Systems Products of Eriweld International Pte ltd in Singapore as well as DIY Power Generators in China

Main Products

•   Eriweld Lightning Protection Systems
•   Lytech Surge Suppressor Devices
•   Battery Chargers, Inverters and Generators
•   Electrical spare parts and accessories
•   Marine and industrial electric motors
•   Electrical power generation, protection and distribution installations
•   Control system installations

Design & Development:
TAUREX EXPONENT has a strong belief in “advancing with the times” and employ “state of the art” Products technology as provided by Foreign principals abroad.

Brand Information

EverExceed® in the world
EverExceed® brand was founded in 1985 in the United Kingdom, Europe. It focus on the world's leading Energy series products development for ages. It has two R&D centers and three manufacturing bases to Provide secure and reliable power solutions for more than 70 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe and the America. The products enjoy the technical support around the world.

EverExceed® in China
EverExceed set up a subsidiary in China, Shenzhen EverExceed Corporation, a world-class energy Technology, R&D and product manufacturing and services platform. Now, parts of EverExceed products Have been manufactured in China, such as UPS uninterruptible Power supply, solar modules, solar controllers, industrial batteries, inverters, industrial battery chargers, power system equipment and so on.
EverExceed provide the following services to support local infrastructure construction and economic Development.
•   AC/DC uninterruptible power supply systems
•   Communication power supply system
•   Electricity Power System
•   AC variable frequency system
•   Solar power supply system
No matter where the customers are, EverExceed is committed to provide them with the key products, services And solutions to promote business growth and customer satisfaction which push them to the success.

EverExceed® owned by you and me
You can join and become EverExceed's Channel partners by telephone, mail or online registration. You will form an alliance with a global industry brands and we will work together, win-win develop and Finally Being co-prosperity

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